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Incentive schemes Criteria Amount Remarks
Special incentives
Printing Subsidy For PCARDBs which disbursed loans above Rs.125 lakhs.during the financial year or in proportion. Rs.10000/-(maxi.)
Lending performance - incentive For PCARDBs in full achievement of Scheme and Non-farm lending against the target allocated during the financial year or in proportion of Rs. 1000/- per each 10% achievement. Rs.10000/-(maxi.)
STC training participation For 100% deputation to STC training by PCARDBs during the financial year or in proportion. Rs.10000/-(maxi.)
Prompt Submission of Returns For prompt submission of all/ monthly returns by PCARDBs before 10th of succeeding month. If delays any one, or all returns it will be reckoned as a month and proportionate amount will be paid. Rs.5000/-(maxi.)
Collection incentives
Collection incentives For the amount of Rs.200 lakhs.or more collected by PCARDBs as on 30th June will be as follows/ or in proportionate: (Based on the DCB as on 30th June )
Overdue below 5% Rs.40000/
Overdue between 5.01-15% Rs.35000/-
Overdue between 15.01-25% Rs.30000/-
Overdue between 25.01-35% Rs.25000/-
Overdue between 35.01-40% Rs.20000/-
Overdue above 40% Rs.10000/-
Collection Cash award For the PCARDBs with loan outstanding above Rs.50 lakhs and cash collection of more than Rs.15 lakhs as on 30th June and no arrears.
Overdue below 1% Rs.15000/-
Overdue between 1.01to 10% Rs.10000/-
Overdue between 10.01 to 25% Rs.7500/-
Overdue between 25.01 to 40% Rs.5000/-
Recovery Improvement (Spl. Award) For the PCARDBs which shows a better recovery compared to previous year’s level will be rewarded as follows( i.e. Recovery improvement):
Recovery 1 to 5% and amount collected is Rs.10 lakhs or more. Rs.5000/-
Recovery 5.01to10% and amount collected is Rs.25 lakhs or more. Rs.10000/-
Recovery improve.above10% and amount collected is Rs.40 lakhs or more. Rs.15000/-
Cash credit interest margin incentive Interest margin on CC facility availed by PCARDBs will be reimbursed- i.e.; the difference between CC rate & actual lending rate 100% ( of the margin) Will be given once in 6 months
Cost of special Sale Officers posted at PCARDBs (from dept. of co-operation) The cost of special sale officer posted will be subsidised by KSCARDB 50% (of the cost) Will be given on half yearly/annual basis
Cost of Agricultural Officers posted at PCARDBs (from the Apex bank ) 1st Agricultural officer posted 100% (of the cost) Salary from the Apex bank and being settled on monthly basis
2nd Agricultural officer posted 25% (of the cost)
Best farmer award (cash award once in 3 years): Best farmer at district level(14 no.s) Rs 15000/- (Each) (Modified scheme since 2000)
Best small farmer at district level (14 no.s) Rs 15000/- (Each)
Best farmer at state level (1 no) Rs 100000/- (Each)
Best small farmer at district level Rs 100000/- (Each)
Office building Construction loan (to PCARDBs) Loans will be given either for constructing office building or purchase of ready built building. Max Rs.15 lakhs or 2/3rd of the estimated cost which ever is less.
Office vehicle purchase loan (to PCARDBs) Purchase of new vehicle only Max.Rs. 1.50 lakhs
Computerisation of PCARDBs Development of ‘Common Application Software’-the cost of development. 100% cost will be meet by KSCARDB
Purchase and installation of Computer hard wares, Peripherals and system Softwares-the cost towards The cost will be interest free loan & which will be recovered in 5 annual installments che cosa e il trading binario