Comprehensive Rural Development Through Credit

ARF-BG (Scheme Loan - Bio Gas)

  • Objective

    To recycle the organic waste/cow dung for the production of fuel gas and organic fertilizer and to meet the demand for energy & plant nutrients.

  • Eligibility of borrower

    • The applicant eligible under the scheme should have a minimum number of cattles (at least 2 cows for 1 m3) prescribed to ensure regular supply of wet dung.

    • It is also necessary to have adequate space ie (not more than 20 M) adjacent to the borrowers house for construction of digsters and manure pits.

    • Suitability of the area, viz. soil type temp: condition, closeness of the plant to kitchen, availability of water, distance from drinking water source (ie 15m) also determines loan eligibility under the scheme.

  • Type of plant & loan amount:

    • The loan assistance will be for two types of plants viz Deenabandhu model and KVIC model.

    • The average unit cost fixed by NABARD for different size/capacity of gas plants under the above two models are as given below.

    • An additional 10% cost, over and above the rates (except for 1 cu.m )will be eligible in hilly region for both the models.

    Model Unit size Unit cost Unit cost Grace period
    Deenabandhu 1 cu.m 9712 7 Nil
    2 cu.m 11809 7 Nil
    3 cu.m 14235 7 Nil
    4 cu.m 16928 7 Nil
    KVIC 2 cu.m 7600 7 Nil
    3 cu.m 9300 7 Nil
    4 cu.m 10200 7 Nil
    5 cu.m 10000 7 Nil
    6 cu.m 11500 5 Nil

    Loans for the repair of defective Bio gas plants at an average cost of Rs 500/plant will be eligible to the borrowers.

  • Mode of repayment

    The loan will be repaid in 7/5 equated annual installments.

  • Security

    The security norms on loans will be as fixed by KSCARDB under schematic loans as per the guidelines issued by RBI/NABARD/RCS from time to time

  • Interest rate

    The interest rate will be fixed by the apex bank from time to time in accordance with the guidelines issued by RCS/NABARD/RBI

  • Reporting system

    The monthly progresses/disbursement statement should be furnished to the apex bank in the prescribed format.