Comprehensive Rural Development Through Credit

ARF (FS)- Setting up of Agriclinics and Agribusiness center by Agricultural graduates

  • Objective

    The object of the scheme is to provide credit for setting up Agriclinic by Agricultural Graduates(under ARF) for enhancement of agricultural production and better service to farmers. It is envisaged to provide expert service and advice to farmers on cropping practices,market trends and prices and also clinical services for animal health.

  • Eligible borrowers

    Individuals/group of individuals (Agricultural Graduates/Graduates in subject allied to Agriclinic.

  • Purpose list of ventures:

    • Soil and water cum input testing lab

    • Pest service ,diagnostic & control services.

    • Maintainence, repairs, custom service of agri-implements machinery.

    • Agri service center

    • Seed processing units

    • Micro propogation through Plant Tissue Culture

    • Setting up of vermiculture units, production of bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, bio-control agents.

    • Setting up of Apiaries (bee keeping) processing unit

    • Provision of Extension Consultancy services.

    • Facilitation and agency of agri insurance services

    • Hatcheries and production of aquaculture

    • Setting up vetenary dispensaries service ie frozen semen bank

    • Feed processing and testing unit

    • Value Addition Centres.

    • Setting of cool chairs from form level onwards

    • Post Harvest Management Centre for sorting grading, standardization, storage and Setting up of Metalic and Non Metalic Storage Structures

    • Retail Marketing Outlets for processed agri.products.

    • Rural Marketing dealership of farm inputs and outputs.

  • Project Cost

    Project cost of Rs.10 lakhs for individual and Rs.50 lakhs for group(consisting of 5) of which one could be management graduate.Project cost above 25 lakhs needs prior sanction from NABARD

  • Margin/Down Payment of Security

    As per RBI norms

  • Quantum of refinance

    As per RBI norms

  • Repayment of loan

    7-10 years in half yearly/yearly installments with a grace period of 24 months. The grace period may be fixed taking into account the gestation period of the project & arrival of net income/repayment capacity

  • Security & valuation

    The land mortgaged in favour of bank form the security.Valuation may be fixed based on the prevailing market value

  • Rate of Interest:

    Interest rate will be fixed by KSCARD Bank from time to time in accordance with the guide lines issued by RCS/NABARD/RBI

  • Reporting system

    The monthly progress/disbursement statement should be furnished to the apex bank in the prescribed format.