Comprehensive Rural Development Through Credit

Loaning Procedure

The applicant has to file along with the application form, the title deed, of the security properties, latest tax receipts and necessary documents. A sworn affidavit stating that the security property is in applicants actual possession and enjoyment and an affidavit in the prescribed form to the effect that the applicant has no land in excess of the ceiling provided in the Kerala Land Reform Act, are also to be obtained from the applicant at the time of registering the application. Immediately on the receipt of loan application ,PCARDB should on the same day apply to the concerned Sub Register Office for Encumbrance Certificate. E.C for a period of 13 yrs will be taken for scrutinizing the applicants title over the security property. Thereafter the file will be entrusted to the concerned Field Officer (Supervisor/AO/VO) for preparation of sketch, plan, possession certificate, TER& valuation Reports. As far as possible the concerned officers should jointly undertake the field inspection and submit the report within 3 to 5 days from the date of receipt of Loan Application. Immediately on receipt of the above report and also the EC from Sub. Registrar Office, the file should be sent to the Legal Advisor for legal opinion. Legal advisor should give his opinion within 2 days. After getting legal reports the file is entrusted to the President for sanction.

A sworn affidavit in the prescribed form stating that the applicant has not created any charge over the security property after submission of Loan Application shall be obtained before filing Gehan. The Gehan system has considerably reduced the delay and expenses in documentation of loan sanctioning deeds. This is being sent to the concerned SRO by secretaries of PCARDB through their office agent. On receipt of the filing of gehan from the Sub Register Office, the same is forwarded to the RO of KSCARD Bank for obtaining funds for disbursement. Payment of loans will be made only by Cheque and no cash payment will be made. The maximum no. of days within which the processing of loan application till the disbursement of the first installment should be completed, at each stage is indicated as below.

Sl.No Particulars In case of loan sanctioned by PCARDB In case of loans sanctioned by KSCARDB
1 Application to Sub. Registrar Office for EC I day I day
2 Preparationof sketch, plan, possession Certificate, TER, V.R 5 days 5 days
3 Legal Opinion 2 days 2 days
4 Sanction of loan by President 1 day 1 day
5 Preparation of Gehan 1 day 1 day
6 Sanction of loan by ROKSCARDB --- 3 days
7 Registration of Gehan 2 days 2 days
8 Disbursement of first installment 1 day 1 day
9 Extra days that maybe required for fulfilling any of the above requirement 2 days 4 days
TOTAL 15 days 20 days