Comprehensive Rural Development Through Credit

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About Us

Kerala bank

Kerala State Co-operative Agricultural and Rural Development Bank has always been in the forefront of committed activities aimed at bettering the Social scenario of the village community. As the Apex body of the Primary Co-operative Agricultural and Rural Development Banks in the State, it has spear headed such programmes and streamlined them, right from its inception. The KSCARD Bank has, in fact, come a long way since the formative years when it focused primarily on the redemption of prior debts of rural farmer. The accent has switched over to the production oriented financing policy, which involves long term loans for development needs. The Bank has also diversified its activities and formulated various innovative loan schemes so as to achieve the prime objective of rural development.
The origin of KSCARD Bank can be traced back to 1931, the year in which the Land Mortgage Bank started functioning in the erstwhile Travancore State. Subsequently Land Mortgage Banks were established in Cochin and Malabar as well. With the formation of the Travancore Credit Bank, the land Mortgage Bank was merged into it. As a successor to the Travancore Credit Bank, the Kerala Co-operative Central Land Mortgage Bank was organized on October 4, 1956. Before long, the Land Mortgage Banks of Cochin and Malabar were also affiliated to it. The present Kerala State Co-operative Agricultural and Rural Development Bank Act came into force in 1985. Recently, the Bank re-oriented its activities catering to definite target groups such as artisans and small entrepreneurs and specific areas like village industries and rural housing.

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As the apex organization of 63 PCARD Banks in the State, the KSCARD Bank functions on a federal basis. It has its Head Office in Thiruvananthapuram and 14 Regional Offices in each District, besides a Staff Training Centre at Ernakulam and two Inspection Wings, one at Trivandrum and the other at Kannur.

The 63 affiliated PCARD Banks function in relation to their respective Regional Offices. Loans are channelised through the PCARD Banks which have a network of branches and sub-offices to facilitate credit flow to the farmers and other rural folk

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The management of the Kerala State Co-operative Agricultural and Rural Development Bank is vested with the Board of Directors consisting of 24members. The President of the Bank is Sri. Solomon Alex. At present the General Manager (i/c)of the bank, Smt.Aparna Pratap



KSCARD Bank raises its resources by means of loans from other financial institutions. These loans are issued against Government Guarantee on landed security mortgaged by loanees. As the single largest contributor, NABARD accounts for 90% of the funds required by KSCARD Bank.

Besides NABARD, Central and State Governments, National Housing Bank, NCDC etc also contribute to the funds required. The KSCARD Bank implements a variety of loan schemes by utilizing these loan facilities

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Board Of Directors

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Our vision is to be “A premier Bank in the Cooperative sector facilitating sustained Agricultural and Rural Development


Our mission is “to promote comprehensive, Agriculture and Rural Development by providing financial services through members, aiming sustainable growth of its members and institution building.”

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The KSCARD Bank which initially and primarily focused on redemption of prior debts of the rural farmers later diversified its activities to cater to all the credit requirements of its borrowers to achieve the motto of “Comprehensive rural development through credit”. In addition to financing for traditional activities under Farm, Non farm and Rural Housing sectors, the Bank has also launched several new loan products to serve the members better.

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